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Promoting art and culture

As a nonprofit organisation, Art & Culture International intends to engage in the planning and execution of, or participation in art and culture projects in the visual and performing arts, as well as in music, both in Germany and abroad. The goal is the promotion of national and international cultural exchange, of the international exchange of ideas among artists, as well as the promotion and publication of accompanying book publications.

Encouraging dialogue

Art creates a shared frame of reference for people. Which is why Art & Culture International initiates and supports encounters between artists and/or visitors of various origins with diverse cultural projects like exhibitions, guest performances and concert tours. By way of the regional and international exchange of cultural programmes, it encourages dialogue between the cultures, and in this way lays the foundation for a deeper understanding of one’s own and the perceptions of others.

Sharing knowledge

Visual arts, theatre and music offer creative access to education in their respective forms of expression. For this reason, Art & Culture International initiates art and culture projects throughout the world. Knowledge is thus conveyed beyond language barriers. In order to sustainably convey the projects, which take place for a limited period, to a broad public, Art & Culture International also promotes and publishes accompanying information material and multilingual book publications in German and English, as well as in the languages of the project locations.

October 2018
Till Breckner & Afshin Derambakhsh

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